Various Professional Organizing Options

As a professional Organizer and a teacher for many years, I realize that everyone has a unique style when it comes to learning new techniques and skills. I have tried to incorporate this idea of thinking along with low cost alternative financial options. So that no matter who you are or what your background is, I am very confident that I will be able to assist you. First you will need to establish what style best suits you.

Option 1: In Home Assistance -

This is the popular choice for most people as they feel as if they have reached the end of their rope and cannot possibly do this alone. They have tried on numerous occasions to get organized, but fail to do so because of various reasons such as anxiety; depression; lack of motivation; time or lack of skills. 

Option 2: In Home Assistance & Homework -

This option comes at no extra cost and the job can literally be cut down by half the hours and therefore cost a lot less. This client is instantly motivated by my presence and feels the drive to continue on specific parts of the project in between my visits. I set a number of goals and time orientated homework tasks for the client with step -by -step instructions to continue in my absence.