This is probably the most beneficial and budget friendly organizing option available and comes at no extra cost. You have the benefit of in home assistance as well as a step-by-step Homework page giving you clear instructions on how to carry on without me. This is particularly useful for a large project with multiple hours of work involved.

I will:

  • Keep you accountable
  • Keep you motivated and on track
  • Assist you with difficult decisions
  • Coach you and teach you skills on how to maintain that area once I have completed the project.
  • Put into place a common sense no fuss system
  • Help you with Step-by-step Homework instructions in between our consultations. These Homework tasks will have detailed and realistic times set for you.
  • If you follow through with your homework tasks, then the pace at which it takes us to complete a specific project should practically double and the ultimate cost of my services would be that much less.

In Home Assistance & Homework

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