Chaos 2 Organized services Clovis, Fresno, and surrounding areas. Helping individuals and families to conquer cluttered, disorganized, unproductive spaces-bringing peace to a home and vision to a space within that home. Call Chaos 2 Organized to set up an appointment. 

In most cases, clients can simply send photos of the spaces that need organization. From photos, I can usually assess the situation, give you an estimate of hours, and create a plan of action. In situations where an on site consultation is needed, I will set up an appointment time with you, then come to your home to determine your needs by interviewing you in person and diagnosing the problem or concerns you have. I will then decide how best to proceed to make the most of my work hours, and to bring you the most desireable outcome possible!

Assessing the Final Outcome:

As a Professional Organizer, my honesty and integrity will not allow me to consider the job complete until you are 100% satisfied.