What is a Professional Organizer

Professional Organizers assist busy families by tackling those long awaited projects and transforming their living environment into the comfortable & functional space that they envision for their family. "You know that closet that you have in your house that you've been meaning to get through? As a professional organizer, I can help you finally get through it."

How Much do Professional Organizers in Fresno, CA. Cost

Most Professional Organizers charge you per hour for their time. One should phone around and get an idea of the hourly rate charged by local Professional Organizers. When budgeting for the project, however, one should take into consideration the pace at which the Organizer works as well as whether they are willing to assign Homework Assignments to you. Chaos 2 Organized handles both of these areas very well, which cuts down significantly on the number of hours needed to complete a project. Also keep in mind that a Professional Organizer is very much like a Therapist or a Doctor. Finances obviously play a role, but the right chemistry between you and your Professional Organizer is vital. 

Can Chaos 2 Organized Help me Organize my Office

Yes Chaos 2 Organized offers both home and office organizing. We take pride in giving you a functional and stress free area to work. An organized office increases your work productivity and efficiency. Having an organized office should be a priority.

How Long Does it Take to Get Organized

This really depends on how big a task it is. A large task will be divided into smaller segments of time, in order to prevent the task from becoming too overwhelming and exhausting. Depending on your budget, Chaos 2 Organized may provide you with short Homework Assignments that allow you to work on some things alone. The overall focus of a Professional Organizers job is to make this process as pain free as possible for you with a very satisfactory end result.

Should I Hire a Professional Organizer

That is entirely up to you. Give Chaos 2 Organized a call and take it from there.

Does Chaos 2 Organized provide Gift Certificates 

I do make gift certificates available for those that ask. However, I recommend that you really think hard about the type of person whom you wish to gift my services to. The person has to feel ready for tackling organizing and they may not receive this gift in the same spirit in which you intended to give it. If they have voiced their frustration and possibly expressed a desire to hire someone like myself, then a gift certificate would probably be a very welcomed gift for such a person. 

What form of Payment does Chaos 2 Organized Accept

I accept all forms of payment Cash, Check, Credit Card, and Debit Card upon immediate completion of a job. Credit and Debit Cards however, carry a 3% charge on top of the cost of my services. Payment is usually charged by the hour, although discount packages are available for larger jobs.