Customer Feedback

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Cheryl was fantastic! She was professional, return calls promptly, showed up on time, and best of all is a fantastic organizer. She has a wonderful attitude and is so easy to work with. Cheryl came to my office and within three hours transformed it from the paperwork junkyard to an organized sleek comfortable office. She gets in and works hard with you, offering great ideas for organizational tips, as well as listening to your unique needs. Cheryl is so wonderful in fact I'm going to ask her to do my house as well.- Wells Fargo

Cheryl is efficient and works in a timely fashion. She heard my concerns and provided me with a variety of options to help assist me and organize my garage. I was so impressed with her and will use her again. - Paul

My kitchen cupboards were such a mess. I could never find lids for any of my containers. I called Cheryl to come help me. She came up with a couple of ideas and we worked together on sorting things out. I now have a system that works very well for me and my family. - Margie

Cheryl Hattrup has been helping me with a huge sorting and cleaning project that has been impossible for me to tackle alone. She has been positive, calming, and very supportive. I appreciate the fact that she realizes how difficult this job is for me. She keeps me focused and encouraged and we are getting the project completed. We are even laughing along the way.Cheryl is very organized so it is a pleasure to work with such a good role model. - Lyn

It is unbelievable. I didn't think it was possible, but we really have gone from chaos 2 organized. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Cheryl. - Brenda

My closet is a nice size but had no plan. It was just a rectangle hanging space. that was very messy. I called "Chaos 2 Organized" to get some ideas. Cheryl took some measurements and then contacted me with some nice drawn up plans. Her ideas were reasonably priced and she made use of an existing mirror instead of buying a new one. I like the overall result and enjoyed working with Cheryl - Lisa 

Cheryl came over and helped us get our mess organized. I thought it was going to cost $500 but when the final bill came, it was only $160. I was really happy. She put us to work and together we got a lot of stuff done. We (me and my pregnant wife) really appreciate her services and could not have done it without her.- Cody

I have known Cheryl Hattrup for eighteen years now, and I can testify to the fact that there is no better qualified person on Earth to have organise your home or office. She somehow manages to create feelings of total peace and harmony in any space she has worked in, and she has been doing that all the time I have known her. An amazing lady who is in a profession she is perfectly suited for! - Noel

I have used Cheryl several times to help me organize my home. She is always friendly and professional. I appreciate her gentle ways. She doesn't make you feel embarrassed about the over abundance of stuff or lack of organization. She takes it one step at a time and organizes in a way that meets your needs and preferences. I would highly recommend her services. - Jessica

Thank you for helping out with my new home. You were very prompt and honest. I didn't have to be involve since you knew how to do a great job on your own. I look forward to work with you again. I highly recommend your services to other who don't have time or the expertise to make their home look fabulous. Have a great year ahead. - Nadereh

I am an Engineer that struggles to organize my paperwork on a regular basis. Because of my difficulties in getting the issue under control, I am not nearly as efficient as I would like to be. I finally accepted Cheryl's help in putting together a system that would be easy for me to maintain. I am confident that I now have this under control thanks to Chaos 2 Organized. - Business Man

Thank you for inspiring me to find my creative side again after taking such a big emotional fall in my life! I feel new again and my creativity is on fire right now thanks to you! I am excited to continue the work and get the rest of the home organized! Thank you! - Jennifer

Cheryl has been a lifesaver for me. She has put my life back on track and helped me not only to organize my home but also to implement what she has taught me. - Peggy

Cheryl's work ethic is solid. She arrived on time with a positive personality. We moved through rooms with ease. I did have some homework so that I could be ready. If you do your part i.e. get containers and trash bags you'll be more satisfied and proud of your decision. Take advantage of the consultation and do the prep work. I will use her again and I recommend her services to everyone in the region. - Teresa

I found Cheryl when I was so depressed about the state of the house. As a working, new mom, with a husband that works away from home 3 or more days a week... I felt like I was drowning! She was able to come the same day, since she could hear the despair in my voice. It wasn't easy admitting I needed help and how depressed I had become! Not only did she help me clean up the house, she helped create systems so I could keep up in the future! After just one day I could feel the weight lifted off my shoulders! She came a few more times and now I am happy to say my house looks and feels like a home again and I haven't felt depressed since! I still have more projects for the future and can't wait to have Cheryl help me again!

- Jen 

I can't thank Cheryl enough for her amazing work, Patience and a job well done! She tackled two of my garages and a playroom and I couldn't be happier with the results. She worked fast, didn't skip any corners and is so sweet to work with! Any job- big or small....Cheryl is your girl!!!! She is amazing!!! She jumprs right in there and tackles any project... Truly leaving what was once a complete and utter mess into an organized masterpiece!! Thanks again... now I can welcome this baby girl home into a clean and organized home. - Bonnie

If I could use just one word to describe Cheryl, it would be, "magical". I don't know how she does it! Cheryl just has an orderly mind and is able to easily solve the problems that have been causing me problems for years! The first week she came we worked on the garage and it was over 90 degrees outside! We were both covered in sweat by the time we were done, but I really appreciated how she was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty hualing and moving trash and junk in my garage. She is not judgemental at all about any type of clutter/messes that have been acquired over the years and sincerely wants to help you. I am so much happier and more at peace in my home since we have started working together. I do not have a huge house, but I wouldn't classify it as a tiny home either, and with 5 people living here it is so important to maximize space and keep it tidy. I just wish I had called her earlier because being in a clean home makes you feel happier. -Samantha

We at Fresno/Madera Youth for Christ would like to thank you for your commitment to youth in Fresno and Madera counties! Your gift helped make the Pasta Dinner & Silent Auction a success. We are excited to see more Teen Moms go to camp because of the money that was raised. We want to thank you specifically for your donationation of the gift certificate for hours of service. It was greatly appreciated.  

- Director of Parent Life

Cheryl is amazing. I was at my wits end, had somewhat of a vision, and knew I needed professional help to get there. Cheryl is very professional and personable. Between her and myself we've managed to accomplish quite a bit. I'm on a timeline of "before baby is born". I've appreciated her ideas, help, encouragement and moral support along the way. Love that we share the same sense of humor. She has become a friend and I am so thankful I picked up the phone and called her. - Carrie

I am so thankful to Cheryl for her wonderful help in organizing my parents home! We went from overwhelmed and depressed to joyful and excited! My parents essentially have a new home because of your wonderful service. It is truly a miracle. We appreciate your positive attitude, kindness and hard work. God bless you! - Michelle

Cheryl Hattrup has been a blessing to my real estate clients. I highly recommend her if you need help getting your space uncluttered and organized - Realtor from Guarantee Homes

Cheryl is wonderful to work with. She has an intuitive understanding of what I need to make my study an efficient workplace. I really appreciate her orderly mind and her suggestions. I would definitely work with her again. - Mary-Allen

Cheryl was very professional and understood everything that I was looking for. She was very creative and concise. I would utilize her service again and would highly recommend her to every one who needs to be rid of chaos in their lives whether at home or at their office. - Curves, Fresno

Prior to contacting Cheryl, I had no clue as to where to begin organizing our home. My husband lost his late wife of 40+ years and while we wanted to keep her memory alive, we knew that in order to make this our home, something needed to be done as most of her and her parents treasures filled every wall, nook, cranny, closet and shelf were filled with their belongings. I was overwhelmed by the task at hand. I knew of Cheryl from seeing her on the news and finally gave her a call. She and I met and discussed which steps we'd take to put our home together. The final results were inconceivable to me. I am so amazed and happy with Cheryl. She is effective, efficient, and a joy to work with. Her work ethic and consideratioon on time and cost are remarkable. I am also really appreciative of her expertiese and understanding of my ADHD. She helped me to come up with a very manageable system to keep our home functional, organized and beautiful. Initially, my husband was sceptical. However, he too remarks on how much he loves what we've done. cheryl is the best and I'll never hesitate again to call on Cheryl